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SQL ODBC Data Reader Cause Primary Key and Index Corruption?

Question asked by fordreid on Apr 4, 2018
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For the past week now we have been experiencing issues with our CRM's SQL Server and several instances where our primary key and indexes have corrupted on our production server.  I'm currently using a series of SQL ODBC connectors via BOARD's data readers on one of our replication servers(not on production).  This morning when I restarted services on our central BOARD server and was doing an incremental refresh, the primary keys and indexes began corrupting almost immediately.  I've since stopped services again until support can join on a call outside of operation hours where we can replicate the issue.


Does anyone know of any issues with the BOARD native ODBC connections or hear of any issue like this before?


Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

Ford Reid