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Defaults for inserting new rows?

Question asked by Bob Gill on Apr 6, 2018
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Hi folks,

   I'm working on a new capital planning module and I have a screen where users will be able to request approval for new capital purchases. Is there a way to default some of the fields in the new row when a user creates it? For example, after a user clicks the icon for a new row, I would like the following defaults:

  • Cube Values
    • Quantity = 1
    • Purchase Date = Today()
  • Relationships
    • Request Status = Requested
    • Asset Category = Vehicle

   Below is an example of a existing completed row (Trucks) and a newly created row (Diggers). For the Diggers row, I would like the defaults applied right when the row is created. 


   So far, it looks like I can use a procedure to apply defaults for cube values and tie it to the dataview by using the Set Trigger feature. That works for the cube values, but only takes effect after they save. I can't seem to find the defaults for the relationships. When a user creates a new entity, this popup appears. Is there a way to default the items in this relationship popup? ...or hide them completely?