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Extracting and re importing a date cube

Question asked by Employee on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by bbroughton

Hello, I am trying to build a solution to record guest stays at a ded and breakfast, the idea is to have a number of cubes to data entry some details about the stay, i.e. date cubes (no time entity though) by guest and property to enter the check in and checkout dates, (the number of nights will be calculated in a process. A double cube to enter the amount they are paying, ( a day rate will be calculated by dividing by the number of nights).


I want to build a process where i can then translate in to anotheg cube that has Guest, Property, time entities taking the daily rate and posting it against the check in date (and ultimately for all consecutive dates of their stay, i.e. if they stay for therr nights post to the checkin date and the next two dates, but first things first!)


This is my layout in the extract tab of a process 


This is the csv extract


I then try and read it into a cube but find i can't and I think it is for two reasons, firstly because the date field has a time stamp added on to it, i.e. 29/04/2016 00:00:00, and secondly and probably most likely is because it is coming from a text file and the date field is text and not a date.  I tested this by creating a csv file in excel and entering the data and formatting the date column as a date before creating the csv file and this allowed the data to go into the cube.


So my question is how am I able to extract a layout into a file mainting the date information be retained in a date format that BOARD can understand when it is reimported.