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Not wanted behaviour of Export Excel Flattened

Question asked by mads_meissner on Apr 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by danieledilorenzo

Hi all,

we are currently struggeling with a function (or bug :-) ) with the export of a flattened excel file.



We got a procedure, which has nothing more in it then two info messages for the user and the function Export Excel Flattened (see attached).

The screen which should be exported has a P&L dataview in it, which has a collapsed hierarchy. Due its collapsed, DownTotals are activated.
After proceeding the export, the DownTotals get lost. This is reasonable for the flattened export, so there aren't any sum rows in it, but this will be executed on the screen aswell, what we don't want.
Only option is to close the screen (without saving for sure!) and reopen it.



We tried option 1, to reload the same screen (GoTo Screen) in the procedure after the export, but DownTotals get lost anyway. Even if you add another screen between (open another screen -> go back to original screen).


Our option 2 (which works so far), we hold a copy of the screen which should be exported and only export the copy (the procedure button is on the original screen: launch -> copy Selection on copy screen -> export copy screen -> go back to original screen). This leads to a "blinking" screen, which doesn't look professional at all.

I would love to have the option of an export without the manipulation of the original dataview, but before I create an Idea for this, I would like to hear if you guys have any other workarounds or solutions for this (which I maybe didn't come up with).

Thanks and kind regards from Berlin,