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What are the complete multi/language functionalities? (Am I still up-to-date?)

Question asked by mfunk1986 on Apr 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by breuber

Hi there,


by now I know these options to configure BOARD-Lanugage-Settings (win-client):




1. Board Client Options:

2. Security Profile Options, also via. ~Security.hbmp:


And for each Option I remember it like this:

Board User Interface:

This translates all "fixed" Texts in BOARD, like These:


Board Entity Items:

This is needed for the "Localization of entity members" via a Language-Entity and Cubes for each Entity to translate.


Security Language:

This is needed for the Translation of:

  • Entity Names
  • Cube Names
  • Free Text in Capsules, etc^.



For web-Client I only know this:


I think this is like the user Interface language in the winclient.


So my final questions:

  1. Is this list complete, or is there something new?
  2. If I want a complete multi-language tool, how do I do this with the web-Client (as there is no Option to set the Entity-item-language)?
  3. Are there plans to create a single-Point language Option instead of different Locations?


Looking Forward to your Input.