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Tradeoffs with Parallel Execution screen property enabled?

Question asked by Bob Gill on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Bob Gill

   While watching the  AD06 - Capsule Optimization and Protection video in the BOARD e-learning section, I discovered the Parallel Execution screen property. I was surprised to learn this screen property is disabled by default. As the name indicates, this feature controls whether layout queries on the same screen are queued or run in parallel. BOARD automatically runs queries for different users in parallel. I now understand multiple queries from the same user run sequentially, by default. After trying other tactics to improve the screen performance, as outlined by Michele Roscelli, I'm curious about the tradeoffs to be aware of if I chose to enable this screen property. On a server with an abundance of resources, I expect this will improve performance. Aside from the resource management, are there other tradeoffs when this screen property is enabled? Are there any tools to effectively monitor resource usage when this feature is enabled?