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WYSI (not) WYG - labels in Panel Containers on Web

Question asked by hoew248 on Apr 26, 2018
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Has anyone else encountered a problem with how labels are displayed (in relation to each other) when they are in a panel container - where it looks fine in Desktop, but in Web the positioning goes 'to pot' ?


Trying to use labels as containers for text, some with borders, and one with an image.


Outside panel container, each label is positioned in Web as it is in Desktop.


However, place the same labels in a panel container and the label with image is shifted to the right, the wider the other label is  


The attached image shows the labels outside a panel container and inside the panel container on Desktop (top), and the same screen as shown in Web.   


You can see (on the right) that if the label with the border is wider, in Web the image is no longer shown above the other label, but moved to the right.  ie not WYSIWYG.


Will this resolved in next release do we think?