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Unassigned Entities (time entities in the entities menu)

Question asked by edusales on Apr 30, 2018
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I've just encountered an issue in a customer I haven't seen in some time: a database which its time entities suddently show up in the Entities menu, on the bottom part of the list, inside a group tagged as "Unassigned entities".


- Board version: 9.0.3

- Database was created from scratch 2 weeks ago

- Database contains 2 very simple hierarchies plus a bunch of stand alone entities

- Database contains only 1 cube


I do not recall any error message or anything similar showing up. Today, I just entered on the entities tab and the time entities where on the bottom of the list.


In previous Board versions, the "unassigned entities" where a very bad sign, usually pointing to a corrupt database.


Is this still the case?

Is there any root cause explaining this behaviour?

Do we know how to stop the time entities showing up?



(attached screenshot)


Any help or similar experiences will be apprecaited!

Thank you,