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Export DataView in Excel: what about alerts?

Question asked by edoardo on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by marcsamu

Hi all,


just a question regarding the export in excel (flattening mode) of a DataView.


In Board Client if a User performs an export in excel (by right-clicking on the dataview and then clicking on "Export in Flattening Mode"), the generated excel file will not show all the alerts actually shown in Board's dataview.


In particular:

  • Alerts not depending from other blocks are correctly shown in the exported excel file
  • Alerts depending from another block are NOT shown in the exported excel file



I've opened a support ticket, and I've been answered that this issue is already know by Board and that probably it will not be fixed. (It's been already solved in the HTML5 Board versions).


Is there someone that has found a solution/workaround for this issue?


Hope that I wrote all clearly!