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Dynamic Rolling Average

Question asked by kellygoldsworthy on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by kellygoldsworthy

I am looking to create a dynamic period, over which I can calculate a rolling average.

For example:

Daily usage period = 7

Average sales over period will then be from today, backward looking for 7 days.


The problem is that the period may be different for every sales location, and could be changed daily.

For example:


location: 1234      date: 17.05.2018      Daily usage period: 7

location: 1234      date: 20.05.2018      Daily usage period: 4


location: 9632      date: 17.05.2018      Daily usage period: 7

location: 9632      date: 20.05.2018      Daily usage period: 7


Any suggestions?


I have created an input cube for the daily usage period by location.