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Using Date Cube as a Time Entity

Question asked by william_l on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by breuber

Hello I've some peculiar report requirement that has to be done in BOARD.


I have 2 cubes, let's say cube A holds an transaction amount value, and cube B holds a transaction payment due date value. So the data type for cube A is double, and cube B is date. The cube B data is from a calculation that has been done inside BOARD. Cube A and B shares the same structure.


What I want to achieve is, I want to use the Cube B (which is a calculation result and a Date Cube), as a time entity. So the user can do a filtering using a pager / selector based on the due date that stored in Cube B and showing the transaction amount (which is stored in the cube A).


Current progress is I already tried to extract both Cubes (TXT / CSV files) and reload it again to a different cube. But when I tried to load the due date as a time entity, I can't get the transaction amount. But in another side, if I tried to load the transaction amount, I can't get the due date as a time entity. Because those are two separate files and ASCII files data reader cannot do a join like SQL.


Is there any workaround or solution regarding this case? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.