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Clarification needed regarding BOARD on mobile devices

Question asked by rubicon on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by sebastiangurt

Hi everybody,


I am confused with the several options I have heard and read about which allow to consume BOARD applications on a mobile device. I mean no only tablet, but also smartphone.


Can the community confirm or unconfirm which options are currently (BOARD 10.1.4) available, deprecated, to avoid, to recommend ? If these options will be all deprecated in near future, could you give a few details of the roadmap replacing them ?


  1. Use "mobile" capsules. Advantage is, the resolution can be set to stick to tablets' resolution. On another hand I see these drawbacks:
    • a few toolbox objects (heatmap, treemap, Geomap, pager, trellis, dynawrite, viewer) and containers are not available at all.
    • the chart object is not up-to-date compared to the chart object of the standard capsule.
    • when I consume a screen from a smartphone and from a PC browser, I cannot see any difference or added value in the visualisation results using a "mobile" capsule compared to a standard capsule which has the screens with Lock size option active .
  2. Board mobile apps. I haven't found any app in the App store. What is the official name to look for ? Or is this deprecated today ?
  3. Use standard capsules and set all its screens with Lock size option active. This would be me preferred approach today.
  4. What does the software contained in do ? Why is it intended for ?
  5. to be continued


Many thanks,