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Configure Process to add row totals

Question asked by tmetcalfe on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 26, 2018 by tmetcalfe

There is probably an easy solution to this but it has me stumped for the time being. In the image below I have a budget detail page for collecting travel and training info. I have a line item Travel Total that is an algorithm ((b*50)+(b*150*h)+(b*50*i)+(e*200)+(g*.55)+(b*50)) and I want to use this algorithm in a process (which is shown in the second dataview) to apply it to another entity. You can see the Travel Cost is not the sum of the travel total column because the algorithm is taking the totals and applying it instead of doing it line by line and summing the values.


Is there way to either: 

  1. Change the process algorithm to some how calculate each travel value by line and then sum the total, or
  2. I created a new cube called Line Item Total but am not sure how to apply the column total to the values in that cube. It could just be a simple, value to add the total of the Travel Total column and then I could apply that value to my planned budget value.