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Multi Data Blocks in Columns but different rollups

Question asked by fordreid on May 30, 2018
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Good afternoon!

I am currently designing a DataView report layout that shows Customer payment history with conditional formatting illustrating where we collected 1 of 3 options; If we collected payment that month, if we collected more than 1 payment that month, or if we collected no payment at all. 


Since we have posted payment counts parsed out by month in columns, can we add singular entity or cubed(I have loaded in both scenarios) columns that display their initial sign up date and account end date?  Also, in the case of a month where there was no payment collected, is there a way to cross reference with the Account End Month so we can quickly determine if either there was no payment posted or if the account cancelled altogether?


I’ve included a series of screen shots illustrating what we’ve built thus far as well as data sets that we have available for utilization.


Please let us know if you have additional clarifying questions or concerns.


Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.



Ford Reid