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Design of a waterfall chart ?

Question asked by alebris on Jun 5, 2018
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Hi Guys,


I’m struggling with the design of the following waterfall (cf. image attached).
It has been done with Excel, and I’d like to do the same in Board, but haven’t found yet how to do it.


So basically, on the right of the chart I have the group cumulated turnover for January 2016 to Month M 2016 and on the left its cumulated turnover for January 2017 to Month M 2017. (= the 2 blue bars).


On the chart, between these 2 turnovers, there is for each company of the group the difference between the cumulated turnover for January 2016 to M 2016 and the cumulated turnover for January 2017 to M 2017).
These differences are ranked in a descending order.


I’ve managed to display properly the differences but I can’t add the cumulated group turnovers next to them (one at each end).
Can you help me with that please ?


Also, in a second time, I should only keep the 3 best and the 3 worst companies of the group and gather all the other companies in one single bar (cf. image2 attached).
I’m not sure how to do that. I’d also like some help on this…


Thanks in advance !