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E-Learning - Progress reset / clear - can we have this function please?

Question asked by hoew248 on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by sbartolazzi

Finding the e-learning modules really helpful! 


However, when any of the topics/ sections are not fully understood, it would be helpful to be able to clear/reset the 'completed' tag for any of the content.  This would enable me to highlight areas where I would want to revisit to embed the knowledge/learning better.


Where a course requires all its modules to be completed in order/succession (ie without gaps), rolling back the 'completed' status to particular module would be beneficial, again, to highlight areas to be revisited.


These reset functions should not clear/lose any of the statistics used to identify courses/times visited (graphs / stats).  In other words, if the system records multiple visits/time per module it should not lose these stats.  if the 'completed' status is cleared.


Alternatively, perhaps a completely new field/column against each module in each course that enables the learner to flag elements he/she wishes to highlight for revisiting - perhaps enabling a "% understood"  against each module.