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Best way to select individual Entity

Question asked by ulueers on Jun 6, 2018
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Hi all,

i'am struggling with the following problem:

I want to make a calculation within BOARD.

I have products that can be produced and finished in different plants and production lines. Each production-line has a relationship to a plant with different costs on personal plant) an production-line.

So, within a screen i have 4 combinations, that could individual be selected (dropdown?).


Semi-finished good > plant > production-line

Finished good > plant > production-line


After selecting the 2 plants and the 2 production-lines the default-costs should be used for the product-calculation.

Plants and production-lines are stored in an entity.

It should also be possible to create more than one calculation based on one product.

What is the best way to realize this?


Kind regards