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Network issues - web user being logged out

Question asked by bbroughton on Jun 12, 2018

Hi, we have a customer who is currently accessing a PoC via web on our Azure server.  They are able to connect an open the required capsule....but they keep getting logged out at random time intervals.


When this happens the log/statistics that show in BOARD are conflicting.  The Log file doesn't show them logging out, yet they are getting a message saying they are logged out and are automatically taken back to the web login screen.  However under 'Statistics' in BOARD client the user is shown as 'Offline'.


We have never had this issue with other customers, and this particular customer is able to stay connected when they are using a network other than their corporate network.  Because of this we believe it is a network issue, but we are not sure what they need to do to resolve it, so I'm hoping someone out there does.


I'm still waiting for a response from Support t so thought I'd see if anyone on the community can shed any light on what might be happening and worth investigating.