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Items duplicated in an entity that causes data read failure.

Question asked by danieledilorenzo on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by danieledilorenzo

Hi community

I bump into a freakish problem today.

There were some ascii data readers that sometimes was not running (randomly)

All was fine on source files.

I made a lot of different tests, and in one on them the data reader was alternatively running/failure

No infos in log files.No error messages. Nothing.

Then, digging into data reader settings and entities involved, I discovered one entity with items duplicated.

Fortunately it was a service entity with no cubes and selections related to it, so It was easy to clear/reload it


After this action, all seems back to normality.


Note: the involved entity is fed only through data reader, and no manual changes have ever been done (infact changing manually a code from entity panel may lead to items duplication).
Attached you can find the entity extraction.

Have someone of you ever found a similar behaviour?