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which logic is used for bubbles' colour in bubble chart?

Question asked by rubicon on Jun 19, 2018
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I try to understand how the colours of the single bubbles are determined in a bubble chart. What is the logic behind the colours ?

I make an example. I have numeric values, actual and plan for sold quantity in units. I build the numeric algorithm progress = actual - plan.

I set the bubble chart as below, and 1 entity by row (the customer).



I set the same block (progress in units) for both Y axis and for the colour .

I mean, the colour should have a similar behaviour than the Y axis. I have the feeling, the colours are random...

The BOARD help doesn't explain the logic of the colours, except in the case where there are two entities by row, which is not my case. The only element is:

optionally a fourth value can be used to color the bubbles.


Does anyone know how the colours of the bubbles are determined by BOARD when a specific block is set for it ?