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Sourcecode Control?

Question asked by Bob Gill on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by pete

In traditional programming environments, sourcecode control is the ability to track all configuration items and code contributing to the application. Does BOARD have some way of interacting with sourcecode control? I understand it's more of a graphical development environment, but I know many formats are supported by sourcecode control tools nowadays.


As a more general question, how do you manage changes across a team? ...and promotions from one environment to another?


I understand the transporter tool is an important part of change control, but I'm more curious about the workflow and communication across the team to ensure we can always rollback to a previous state if we need to do so. Tagging versions in a sourcecode control system lets us look at all objects in the solution with that particular tag. As we manage releases and project deliverables, this is very helpful when tracking exactly what was delivered, and if anything has changed since delivery.


From what I understand, most folks just take nightly backups and rollback to a particular day, if needed. While this is a valid approach, I'm wondering if we can get a more granular view by using some kind of sourcecode control tool. 


So far, GitHub seems to be working well for my needs, but I thought I would reach out to see of others can offer some advice to help me along.


Here are some of the tools I'm used to using.