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Save data in ROLAP cube with DataFlow

Question asked by vanbennekom on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by alexanderkappes

I get the concept of data being stored in the DBMS vs database through rolap cubes. I have a dense cube linked and the table exist (can we override the default table name with something that is more meaning full to our organization?). Then I define a dataview with this cube and enable data entry. The list of ALL entity values is shown (I toggled Show All) and I can start changing values. Then I hit the save button on the dataview and the data is stored in the DBMS. Perfect.


Now I want to populate the cube with a dataflow and save the data after I am done. So I create a procedure to do this. Step one is clear cube, step 2 is populate the cube (for this exercise I want to set the value for all entity members to one). Step 3 is save...


  1. How do I open the cube so i can set values for ALL members? It is not doing this. When I had a "normal" cube (not rolap) it put values in all members - not so for rolap cubes.
  2. How do I save this cube (without saving the whole database)? In the screen I can click the green toggle save widget but I have not found the equivalent in the procedure steps.


Any help greatly appreciated, cheers,