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Display Cube meta data

Question asked by Employee on Jul 11, 2018
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Hello community, I am wondering what capability or solutions people have come up with for displaying cube metadata to a user, for example when a user is looking at a list of cubes in a data layout for example

How can we guide them as to what information a cube holds, besides a consise naming convention, i.e. what entities is the data is held at.


One thought that comes to mind is having a text cube where you could filter on a cube name or a cube group and have a description of that cube, but you would probably need to have a seperate screen to show this with a button that people can click to review the cubes available. Could we automate this by running a process to capture cube metadata from logs for example so the list is up to date?


I would be interested to hear what other imaginative solutions other people have come up with to achieve this.