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Timebar/Selection to current month

Question asked by theodorouschnaithmann on Jul 18, 2018
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Hello again! 


On my Screen im using a timebar for the selection. If someone enters the screen, it jumps to the actual year 2018.


The problem now is, that it shows me all the months in 2018. What I need is, if someone enters the screen, the timebar


and all the charts should only show values from january until the current month (for example july). Using pagers or other 


selectors is unfortunately no option for me , it MUST be the timebar .


Is there some easy way to do that? Or do I have to make it the complicated way with Timecubes etc? 


As always a big thanks to the community, without you guys, I would have lost my job


Have a nice evening ! 




Antoni Theodorou