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Dates shown in Browse and used in WHERE are offset by 1

Question asked by bbroughton on Jul 31, 2018
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Just wondering if anyone in the community has come across this issue before and found a robust/correct way of dealing with it.  BROWSE doesn't match what is loaded into a CUBE.


The Browse on a SQL query shown below lists several dates by employee.


The Dataview below shows what is actually loaded into the relevant date cubes, with the Commencement date also loaded into a text cube for comparison



The dates don't match!

What is showing in the BROWSE (and also used in the SQL where statement) are offset by 1 day. So someone that has a Commencement on 1 July will actually be mapped against June, because it sees their commencement date as 30/6.


Also, today is 31/7/18, yet when I use sysdate() or curdate() (Progress DB) they both return 30/7/18.


I can quite easily reverse the -1 day offset in the WHERE statement by adding a day, but I would rather work out why the SQL is seeing/using a different date to what is actually there, in case it's something temporary and a fix like that will cause issue down the track.


Does anyone have any ideas what would be causing this?