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A little timebar problem

Question asked by theodorouschnaithmann on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by vanbennekom

Hello there! 

I have a little problem with my timebar selection and I don´t really know how to solve it.


I have a dynamic selection on month ( current date and period) so that my dataview is only 

showing me the actual month july.


the little problem is, if I start to select a different month in my timebar, from july back to any other month the values in my  dataview stay the same, so the selection was not succesfull.


If I now klick on a year below, it selects me the whole year and it shows me correct values.. even if I shrink the selection again back to month it magically works fine. 


There must be a way so the selection works fine from the beginning.. I´m pretty sure I did something wrong


As always a big thanks to you and 


kind regards 


Antoni Theodorou