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Dataflow and Ranking Functions?

Question asked by pete on Jul 31, 2018
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We have a capsule which uses ranking functions (for example Cumulated Vertical %) on a dataview. We need to save the results, which depend on the ranking, into another cube for further analysis*. The regular way of outputting a cube is to use a dataflow. However, the dataflow does not have ranking functions as an option, at least as far as I can tell. Am I doing something wrong? Have tried turning off high performance mode and still no ranking functions available. 


Our work-around is to extract the layout to a text data file file (extract layout allows for ranking functions) and then use an ASCII data reader to read the data into the cube. Is there a better way?


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* The ranking function creates a classification which is then used to for additional analysis. We can't see a way to avoid saving the result in a separate infocube but if that is possible I'd be all for it.