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Analytical functions > more details regarding "average"

Question asked by rubicon on Jul 30, 2018
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I would like to use one of the availableanalytical functions : average

According to the help,

Average: it returns the average value of the series (Total/Time Length);

Can anyone give more details on how the average calculation works ?

  • how happens the aggregations ?
  • Does the function apply after all aggregations and context selections of the screen and layout ?


I have tried an example of average calculation and get different result depending on using the analytical function or not:


  1. V001 one cube by {Day, Country, Claim, Model} having the total costs
  2. V004 one counter cube having the same dimensions (MXC)
  3. the sparsity is:
  4. dataview context: no selections, no pagers, nothing
  5. layout:
    1. blocks a and d uses V001, block b uses V004.
    2. Country set by row
    3. Average analytical function on block d.
    4. nothing else special
  6. the dataview looks like this:
  7. i would have expected to see the same values for blocks c and d, e.g. for IT: 203 € and not 968 €


I might have not understood the scope of the average function within the analytical function.

Could someone help me understanding it better ?


Thanks in advance,