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What is the rationale for differences between Selector search and Open SELECT window search?

Question asked by hoew248 on Aug 1, 2018

I've only just noticed a couple of subtle differences between the pop-up search functions of a) an entity Selector, and b) the 'Open SELECT window' functions.


  1. In DESKTOP, the entity Selector search function, only searches the Description field for a match, whereas, in WEB, it searches BOTH the Code and Description fields for a (partial/full) match. 

    If only the description field is displayed, end-users can be confused/dispute the accuracy of the data The 'Open SELECT window'
  2. in both DESKTOP and WEB, the Open SELECT window displays both Code and Description fields in the search pop-up, whilst the entity Selector search pop-up applies the selection made in Database\Entities.


Could someone advise what the logic is for these differences.  If the logic was determined before Web was considered, could the logic/functionality be checked?  The first point above, particularly, can cause the most confusion for end-users.