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10.3 Announced features missing?

Question asked by rbrooke on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by fcazzalini

From BoardVille 2018 it was clear that 10.3 was going to be an important milestone release leading to 10.5 and beyond. Now it has been released there are some great new features delivered, but there are also features that were promised that are not mentioned in the release notes. Notably:

  • Parallelism of data readers and data flows (10.2)
  • Subscribe - self-service function for scheduling emails of capsule screens/presentations in PDF or XLS format (10.3)
  • Sent-to - delivers scheduled email of a Board Presentation to list of other users (10.3)


Can anyone confirm whether a) they are there but not documented, or b) they have been postponed. If it is the latter, are we to expect another 'point' release before 10.5? 


A revised roadmap and timeline would be appreciated by many I think.