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treemap chart: colours seems incorrect (positive values only)

Question asked by rubicon on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by rubicon

Hi everybody,


I try to setup a simple treemap chart, and i can't get a correct background colour of the single tiles, when i compare the colour with a dataview having the same layout as the treemap.

I guess I forgot something but i can't find out what.

Here is my current result:


the dataview shows that the colour depends on the counter. 1 = most dark and 5 = most bright.

you see that for entity member AA, the counter is 1, therefore it should be darker (in the treemap) than for example EE. The other members (BB to EE) are fine in the treemap.

On the opposite, the dataview shows AA as the darkest, which is correct for me.


here are some elements of the layout:

  • blocks
  • sorting options
  • treemap options
  • block d alerting options:

    to create these alerts, i only clicked on the + green sign. I haven't moved the >= or <= signs.


Can anyone explain

  1. why the treemap hasn't the same behaviour as the dataview has (for entity member AA)?
  2. how to fix the treemap ?


Many thanks,