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BOARD daily data upload

Question asked by ascapin on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK


I have a question about data upload of BOARD. We have created a procedure that fills cubes (SQL Data Read) and executes data flows in a specified order.

I have noticed that this procedure runs for a very long time and I cannot see very well at which step it is currently. We have a total of 149 steps that need to be performed, with a minimum of 75% being "simple" SQL data read.

The environment is as follows. Our SQL DWH is located on server A and BOARD is located on server B. After the filling of the DWH is finished from other sources [ERP, MES etc.] BOARD[v10.0.3] starts and performs the procedure.


I read the BOARD article @BOARD LOGs in detail in the forum carefully, but I found nothing there that gives me an idea why the procedure takes so long. I would like to see at which step it takes the longest to see if I can change the performance there.

The progress bar displayed on the screen is not very helpful there. Is there a protocol somewhere where I can see how long it took him to make which step? One equivalent to the SQL jobs, where I can see how long it took for which step.


Thanks in advance for your input