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BOARD 10.3 - How are URLs within Text cells recognised when selected

Question asked by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK on Aug 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK

I would like to understand how URLs can be used as links when they are loaded into a TEXT type infocube and displayed in WEB.  I have such a cube as seen below but cannot get the urls to do anything other than sit very still.

The release notes state the following:

Fixes and Minor Changes

  • The Data Entry on the web has been greatly improved. Data typing and cell scrolling is much faster.

  • A malfunction that prevented the utilization of a the data entry in pattern based on mode in combination with algorithm has been solved. Additionally if the 'Save' is performed with a procedure the validation rule is not ignored any more.

  • If a text type cell, has some text that starts with 'http' or 'https' it is recognized like an URL and you can click on it (Web Client)

  • A malfunction that caused the failure of an ATO Page if any filter is in the Dataview Object has been removed

  • Even small Dataviews now show scroll-bars


Any help would be appreciated.