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(FIXED) BOARD 10.3 Adaptive Web Page Sizing - How is this Optimised?

Question asked by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK on Aug 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK

I am having some trouble optimising the Web Page sizing options.  Prior to BOARD 10.3,

  • All of my models are manually optimised to resolve fully on a common laptop 1366x768.
  • All screens and masks are locked using 'Lock Size'


My interpretation of the release notes was that the screen would dynamically fit a web browser screen dependant on USER selection during their session and that I would not need to use SCREEN LOCK any more when developing screens and masks.  My experience has been that this feature leaves a very large amount of screen blank and unusable whilst the image is rendered too small to be workable.  Furthermore, screen settings do not remain from screen to screen, requiring user to constantly set them for each screen and for each session.


After upgrading to BOARD 10.3, I removed all screen locks, in the hope of having dynamic screen sizing, as stated in the release notes.  Whilst there is an effect when selecting the 3 options, it is not the behaviour that I had expected.


I appreciate that I may have interpreted the release notes wrongly and so, if anyone can help in advising how to use this really needed feature, I'd be very grateful.


Below are the effects of the three options on a LAPTOP screen of 1366x768. 



  • All screens and masks were created within the LAPTOP pixel range and the first ACTUAL SIZE image demonstrates a perfect match of web page and BOARD model sizing. 
  • Screen Lock was taken off all screens and masks. 
  • The browser used was CHROME with Zoom was set at 100% and bookmarks bar active.
  • All screen shots have been pixellated to obscure the data being shown.



As all screens were optimised for Laptop use with a browser, the expected behaviour I was hoping to see in all settings was that the screen would remain exactly the same as for the image in ACTUAL SIZE.

Screen setting is held from session to session.





The first option is ACTUAL SIZE and, as expected, the model fits the complete browser page.  If I make the browser screen smaller, scroll bars will immediately appear.



The next option - FIT TO PAGE - reduces the image to almost a quarter of its size and leaves a massive section of screen below and to the right blank and unusable.


The last option - FIT WIDTH - expands the image a little but still leaves the massive white area and so the image is, again too small and not optimised for width.  There is a very large amount of screen below and to the right of the image that is blank and unusable.