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How to make a line chart show data for one data point?

Question asked by mitch4 on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by raym

I am currently building a screen with time selection labels that select different periods of time and apply this selection to the data on the screen. The time labels: TODAY, THIS WEEK etc. work as intended however there is one item on the screen that does not show data when the TODAY button is clicked. DAY is on the x-axis.


For reference, here is a screen grab of the time labels I have built (these labels contain procedures that select the stated time range):


The first photo here shows my graph when THIS WEEK is selected:


The second photo shows my graph when TODAY is selected:


My question is whether it is possible to make the chart in the second photo show a single data point when TODAY is selected. If this is possible, would the chart show a line across the length of the x-axis or would it be a single point?


Thank you in advance!