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Erroneous dataflow from text to single type

Question asked by tg_jbaetens on Aug 20, 2018
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Dear all,


While doing some tests, I came across a problem with a dataflow from text to single type in BOARD 10.3 (Didn't try in older versions). Let me explain the whole business case.


1) I pull in a "creation date" column from an Excel file and apply an ETL function on it during the data reader. The ETL function is "LEFT(C12,4)&MID(C12,6,2)&MID(C12,9,2)" and allows me to store the YYYYMMDD of a timeformat. Please find row 12 of following example:  



2) This new cube "Open Date Text" is a text cube (two dimensions: Day and TicketNumber) and I want to change the format to single, to be able to change the date at a later stage to a numeric value and compare with the close date.


3) However when running this dataflow, I get strange results, leading often to a day off, earlier or later.



Anyone in the community that already came across similar situations. I would love not to change anything in Excel, and handle the whole data manipulation flow inside BOARD. So please advise in case you know a workaround.


All the best,