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dataflow hbmp+ or CellBased+

Question asked by marcohuewe on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by breuber


I create a dataflow to divide the planed article sales on the customers. 

First cube (ZW2_Umsatz) has the dimensions month and Produktmodell (article). Second cube (percent per customer)  has only dimension customer .

If I calculate this two cubes to a new target cube (ZW3_Umsatz) with the dimension month, Produktmodell (article) and customer it takes a long time, about 13 minutes. The log file tells me it was calculated in CellBased+.


Now I made a test and added in my second cube (percent per customer) an additional dimension named ordermedium. But the dimension is not in my target cube! So it has no function at all. If I now calculate with the same procedure (nothing more changed) it goes with HBMP+ and takes only 10 seconds.


What is the reason for this?


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