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Dataview block with Numbers & Text

Question asked by alebris on Aug 28, 2018
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Hi Guys, 

I've a formatting issue with a dataview for a accounting report.

In one block, I need to have a percentage resulting from a calculation of 2 other blocks when a condition is fulfilled. Otherwise I need "N/A" to be displayed.


So far, I did the follow in my dataview :

- created 1 algo block for the percentage calculation (I used the nexel Deepest rules as the formula is different according to the row).

- created 1 algo block, that truncates the result obtained in the previous block

- created a last algo block (text), that takes the content of the previous one or writes "N/A".


The problem with this solution is that I lose the formatting of my percentages (i.e. negative between brackets, green for positive percentage, red otherwise).


Does somebody have a better solution so that I can have both my formatted percentages and some text in the same block.


Thanks in advance,