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Count Distinct Customers

Question asked by neil_chapman on Aug 30, 2018
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Hi all,

I'm sure this is possible, I'm just struggling to find a way to do it!


I've got a transaction volume cube that is dimensioned by day & customer which counts the number of transactions per day. 


The data feeding this is:


Transaction_ID   Customer_ID   Date           Value

1000000001       8000000001    20180101   1

1000000002       8000000002    20180101   1

1000000003       8000000001    20180101   1



I can do a count of transactions by day, week, month, year etc but what I am try to do is count the number of customers that have made transactions by day, but also have this where date filters can work so if I want to put month on the axis instead of day, it still does a distinct count.


So for the example above, 2 customers made 3 transactions on 1st January 2018.


Is there any way of doing this?