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Hiding Labels depending on selection

Question asked by theodorouschnaithmann on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by Bob Gill

Hello there ! 


im working on a screen which shows me various projects in a chart.


I have two cubes for two different kind of projects lets say A-Projects and B-Projects.


In the top left corner I have a label showing the projectsnumber depending of the project selected.


I want this label to show me the correct projectnumber so in the layout, I selected both of those project cubes.


But as I tested this is not possible cause it can only show me one of those cubes. Or am I wrong? 


The second thought was to build two labels each one with one cube in it and to hide the label which projects are not selected. But I dont know if this is possible. 


I want to avoid showing two different labels in the screen so this is no option. 


Do you guys have any ideas? 


Thanks and have a nice monday !