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radar area chart: different axis position between Win and Web ?

Question asked by rubicon on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by breuber

Hello everybody,


Has anyone used radar area chart ? I face a different behaviour between windows and web client, and haven't seen it in the dedicated help page: Differences between web client and win client 


  • WinClient: The axis is by default set horizontally, starting from the centre in the right direction
  • WebClient: The axis is by default set vertically, starting from the centre in the top direction

I don't see anything where to define how the axis behaves:


(BOARD Version 10.1.4.)


Does anyone know how to make this consistent, i.e. that the radar chart has the same axis direction in both clients ?

The issue is particularly annoying when i want to add an unit (e.g. %) to the axis. Since it is not directly possible in the chart object (the ideaall charts having axes > add title and unit for each axis  asks to make it possible), I need to add an additional label object, which looks odd in the windows client : , so that it looks good in the web client...


Thanks in advance,