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Pager using a Dynamic Selection & Presentation  = "Authorization issue"

Question asked by ecausse on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by ecausse

Dear Boardville members,

We updated recently to 10.1.4 (from 10.1.2) and we noticed a bug when adding specific reports to a Presentation.

When the report uses a pager, with a dynamic selection such as "current period" setup in this pager, an error message appears when adding to a presentation. It says something like "Access Denied. You are not authorized to access this database."


If you are using Presentations, did you have any opportunity to test this ? We opened a ticket #40602 but I'm curious to know if we are alone using this kind of features... since it's visibly a regression issue it should have been spotted before ?


Obviously I'm also interested in any kind of workaround to guarantee a correct selection on these screens without displaying an old period by default...


Thanks for your feedback.