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Board architecture

Question asked by niharika.kakarla on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by breuber

Hi all
  I have a doubt on board application architecture-- i read that there are 2 architectural options are there for deploying board application.
1)Centralized-- we will have 1 server, where all applications will be created and developed. every user connect through the LAN to that server and can access all the applications present in that server( for this every user should have stand alone license installed on their machine).
2)Distributed-- decentralize applications but still provide every user in the company access to any Capsule and database, regardless of where it is held (be it on a local or remote server).
  I didn't understand distributed architecture.. can someone please explain me how it is possible to decentralize the applications but still provide every user to access all the databases and capsules?

Thanks in advance.