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detail by with data picker

Question asked by chefcore on Sep 21, 2018

Hello all,


It seems that when using the data picker functionality in a layout (using Nexel rather than Rules), that if a detail by is used on a block the entity being detailed by is ignored, and the total is displayed for every item.

In a simple example, if I set a single rule for a block to be "=@[V001]" , and then put Entity1 on the column, i get this:

The numbers above add up to 16, although this does not show in the Total column (which is also an issue.)


If I remove Entity1 from the column and add a Detail By Entity1 on the block instead, I get this:


Is this just a limitation? I realize i can use other approaches (Rules, DF, etc) but each have trade-offs.


Thanks all!