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detail by with data picker

Question asked by chefcore on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by alexanderkappes

Hello all,


It seems that when using the data picker functionality in a layout (using Nexel rather than Rules), that if a detail by is used on a block the entity being detailed by is ignored, and the total is displayed for every item.

In a simple example, if I set a single rule for a block to be "=@[V001]" , and then put Entity1 on the column, i get this:

The numbers above add up to 16, although this does not show in the Total column (which is also an issue.)


If I remove Entity1 from the column and add a Detail By Entity1 on the block instead, I get this:


Is this just a limitation? I realize i can use other approaches (Rules, DF, etc) but each have trade-offs.


Thanks all!