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About service level check

Question asked by danieledilorenzo on Sep 28, 2018



has anyone tried this option?

I have CMS licenses so it could be useful!


The Board Win or Web Client, if inactive is disconnected after 60mins; this happens only if you put the setting <LicenseLevelCheck>Standard</LicenseLevelCheck> to 'Medium' or 'High' in the C:\Program Files\Board\Board Server\AdulaParams.xml file . It is not possible to setup a different time-elapse.


Does anyone know the difference between MEDIUM and HIGH

I've tried the option "High" and after an hour a popup "Session expired" appears.

If the user confirm the client is closed. So it seems working properly


But I noticed that the logout is registered when the user confirms on the popup and not when the popup appears.

So my doubt is: does the license remains in use until the user interacts or until the popup appears?


Hope someone can help.