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Incorrect Algorithm Total on Dataview

Question asked by on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by alexanderkappes

Hey Guys,

Just looking for some insight on how to solve this issue that i am having.


Has to show full Fiscal year split by months

Has to have different heading for the 'actuals' months and the 'forecast' months.

Actuals are locked and are only used for reference when deciding what your forecast months will be.

Has to have flattened view

Needs to be able to see what the total Fiscal year value (Actual months + Forecast Months) and this is where the problem lies.


What I've Tried:

Detail by Fiscal Year (Block J) and comes up with value shown. When I detail block j by month and add row totals it adds up correctly, but i only want it to display a single column with the sum value.

Removed Detail by month on all blocks and added month to the axis.



The Dataview:

The Block:






A) Comment Cube by Fiscal Year, Company, Department, Region, Acc, Sub-Acc, Forecast Version

 Detailed by Fiscal Year


B) Forecast(Cube) by Month, Company, Department,Region,Acc,Sub-Acc,Forecast Version


Enable Data Entry

This is the cube I want the forecast data entered to go in. 

C) Rev Filter by Fiscal Year, Company, Department, Region, Acc,Sub-Acc

Just a Revenue Filter on the Dataview, Filter >0.1


D) Submission Flag by  Fiscal Year, Company, Department, Region, Acc, Sub-Acc, Forecast Version

* Flag that Locks B & I

* Detail by Month


E) Actuals Month Flag  By Month

Detail by Month 


F) Actuals (Cube)  Month, Company, Department, Region, Acc, Sub-Acc


Detail by Month


G) Algorithm, E*F 

Detail by Month

H) Forecast Months Flag by Month


Detail by Month


I) Forecast, B*H

Detail by Month

Has Reverse Algorithm to push data into block B

J) Total (Forecast + Actuals), G + I 


Thanks in Advance,


Dylan Fitzmaurice