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Problems logging in via client after initial install

Question asked by kramnostam on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by breuber



I am following the e-learning steps to install the Board software. This is on a local desktop. I have successfully installed the server, set up the first user and installed the client. However when I try to connect with the client (using Administrator) the dialog box briefly flashes "Connecting..." but then goes straight back to the login box - and does not seem to be connected. I have attached two screenshots (1) of the client window after I have clicked Connect (and then it reverts straight away back to the way it was before I clicked connect). And (2) of the Login_201810.txt log file which seems to show that the connection was successful.


Has anyone else had this issue and knows how to get the client to connect correctly so I can start creating databases and capsules?