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Combine Cubes with different entities

Question asked by baskoomen on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by baskoomen

The goal is to produce to the following structure:



Employee / Activity / Hours / ( activity / capacity )


So i have a cube with the employees, activities and hours for each day and i have a cube with the capacity per day per employee. And also the time period will change, so the capacity is a variable. The report can be for a year, month, week, or day.  And also can't combine it in 1 cube because i can have several activities on one day, but the capacity is only 1 line a day.


The problem is that i don't have a activity for the capacity hours, and when i combine the two cubes it will display all the articles for the capacity cube. And when i add a activity for the capacity it will display that activity ( even if i say hide it )


Capacity is not attached in some way to activity and it will not display it or i can't calculate with it. I want the use the capacity ( 160 in this case ) for each line ( for example 13.25 hours / 160 hours ), but there's no connection.


Is it possible?


Thank you