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Fine tuning Set-Trigger on DataView

Question asked by vanbennekom on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by breuber

We have a dataview with (for simplicity sake) 3 blocks in the layout. Each block has data entry enabled. Dataview has set-trigger defined - this procedure is executing some logic/flows with the new numbers. The logic in the procedure is assuming the that all 3 blocks have changed and logic needs to be executed for those changes.


If I understand this mechanism correctly this trigger is calling the procedure THREE times - once for each row.


Suppose user changes row 1 block 1, row 2 block 2, and row 2 block 3. In this case the procedure will be called two times (row 1 and 2). For the call to row 1 I only want to deal with the changed number in block 1 - I don't want to execute the logic for the 2 blocks not changed. For row 2 I only want to execute logic for block 2 and 3.


Given the fact the trigger works on rows:

  • Is there a way in my procedure to figure out if a block value has changed? So i can bypass (performance) executing logic for numbers that have not changed.


  • Is there a way to assign this Set-Trigger procedure to an entry enabled block? So this will only be called in case the block value has changed