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Aging the time/period

Question asked by febridwi on Nov 1, 2018
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Hi All,


I'm confused to do an aging of time (that I know Aging use for grouping/mapping about age of sth). This time I'm trying to make Aging for Date. I have Day which is only the Date formate inside so there will be 01 - 31, from that Date I divide by 3 part : First week 10 Days (Date 01-10), Second week 10 Days (Date 11-20), and Third week 10 Days (Date 21-31). How could I do that? Is it posible in Board? without change the time range of database, because if I change database's time range there were some procedures can't run well. In the end my dataview will be like pic in attacthment. At this time I tried to make an entity but I'm little bit confused to make it show.


Thank you. Hopefully there any suggestion.